Postgraduate Students

Current PhD students

  • Zhen Cai: Recommender systems

  • Falih Febrinanto: Graph anomaly detection

  • Achhardeep Kaur: Deepfake video detection

  • Mujie Liu: Anomaly detection

  • Ciyuan Peng: Knowledge graphs

  • Jing Ren: Graph anomaly detection

  • Chengyao Xie: Graph learning

PhD Graduates

  • Nana Yaw Asabere (PhD 2014): Socially-Aware Recommendations in Smart Conferences.
    Director - Research, Accra Technical University, Ghana.

  • Ahmedin Mohammed Ahmed (PhD 2014): Data Management Middleware Protocols in Ad-hoc Social Networks
    State Minister, FDRE Ministry of National Defence, Ethiopia

  • Fengqi Li (PhD 2014): Imbalanced Data Classification based on Semisupervised Learning
    Professor and Dean, Dalian Jiaotong Technology, China.

  • Haifeng Liu (PhD 2015): Trust Relationship-Based Product Recommendation Methods in E-Commerce

  • Li Liu (PhD 2015): Routing Protocols and Incentive Mechanisms in Socially aware Networking
    Professor, Shandong Jiaotong
    University, China

  • Hannan Bin Liaqat (PhD 2016): Congestion Control Mechanisms for Ad-hoc Social Networks

  • Xiaomei Bai (PhD 2017): Scholarly Impact Evaluation and Prediction Based on Social Network Analysis

  • Behrouz Jedari (PhD 2017): Efficient Data Forwarding Protocols in Non-cooperative Mobile Social Networks
    R&D Software Engineer at Nokia Finland

  • Jun Zhang (PhD 2018): Evaluation and Prediction of Scholar's Scientific Impact in Heterogeneous Academic Networks

  • Azizur Rahim (PhD 2018): Mobility Modeling and Data Forwarding Protocols for Vehicular Social Networks

  • Wei Wang (PhD 2018): Analysis and Mining of Scientific Collaboration Behaviour Based on Scholarly Big Data

  • Shuo Yu (PhD 2019): Mining and Analyzing Multivariate Collaborative Relationships in Academic Networks.
    Associate Professor, Dalian University of Technology, China

  • Jinzhong Wang (PhD 2019): Analyzing and Mining Urban Human Mobility Patterns Based on Trajectory Data

  • Noor Ullah (PhD 2020): Dissemination of Emergency Warning Messages in Vehicular Social Networks

  • Jiaying Liu (PhD 2021): Implicit Relationship Mining in Academic Networks Based on Graph Learning

  • Teng Guo (PhD 2022): Detection and Analysis of Multidimensional Behaviors of University Students in Complex Data Environments

  • Audrey L. Y. Sin (PhD 2022): Employee Motivation to Learn: An Innovative Machine Learning Approach

  • Mingliang Hou (PhD 2023): Urban Mobility Behavior Profiling based on Graph Learning with Spatio-temporal Feature Perception

  • Ke Sun (PhD 2023): Multi-Scale Graph Learning for Complex Networks

Masters by Research

  • 30+ graduated at Dalian University of Technology, among which one was awarded Best Master Thesis of Liaoning Province and two were awarded Best Master Thesis Award of the University.